I’ve made a proper linen underwear that goes to my 14th c. kirtle. I took the pattern from the kirtle for the sleeves and half bodice to get a good close fit but still with space for movement.

The sleeves are “Charles de Blois”-sleeves with the “elbow hinge” which allows better movement and your able to get rid of a lot of extra material that always ends up by the bend of the arm. HERE is were I found a good instruction how to make them. Since I can’t have buttoning (and it’s not period either) on my undergarments I added a gusset at the end of the sleeve.


This is awesome for holding up boobs! If you visit Katafalk you will get a tutorial of how to make a REAL medieval bra based on the Lengberg castle findings!

The skirt is just (on the vertical) the width of the fabric. Measure how much you need to be able to take a long good step, you don’t need much more width than that and then just pleat it together to fit the bodice. Just like the kampfrau gown.



Laced sides.


A closer look at the “elbow hinge”.




Meine frau also needs her underwear, shirt and skirt. Here is the skirt going on!

This is also just the fabric pleated together without gussets or anything. I measured 3 meters for this, an because this aught to be together with a short dress it had to be a bit shorter than the whole width of the fabric. It actually was enough with just the half. Pleat it all together to a simple waistband and then make a lacing for closure.


Apparently wood block prints was something that existed already in the 15th c. HERE is some examples from german. I made mine a bit plainer.

Regular wall-paint. You know the repaint-the-house-stains on your painting/gardening or whatever ruff job you sometimes perform-clothes? ^^ Waaaay much better than textile colors 😀




Naturally, for a proper 1300 woman you’ll need to fit your hair into something! Something everybody should have in their possession is a “cap of S:t Birgitta“. I have to apologize, I don’t have a picture of mine…but it is really simple to make. Visit Katafalks tutorial!


If you want to you can make a headband witch you pin your veil on to. This is really not necessary but it makes the veil a bit more secured on to your head!


This is a simple rectangular cloth for covering your neck. The real nun-style! You just pin it to the headband or straight into the Birgitta cap!


This one is a whole circle, I tend to use the half-circle more cause you fold this in half anyway, but with this you can create a nice “two-layer” effect just by not folding it straight in the middle.






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